Resume discussed


The goal of this section is to discuss the elements of my resume in detail, to tell stories and to entertain. I’ll work on it as time allows.


Carrie Brennan         Loveland, CO 80358

| |

Digital Communications Coordinator

~ Writing / Editing / Social Media ~

Key Competencies

Creative and diligent professional who excels at organizing ideas and presenting them in a logical, succinct, and approachable way through expert editing and content development. Offers specialized skills in nonfiction and technical writing for academic, medical, and scientific audiences.   Excels at projects requiring intense focus.

Editing/Proofreading ▪ Technical writing

Social media expertise: SEO, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ▪ Administrative skills

Superior research capabilities ▪ Supervisory and team-building skills

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign ▪ Microsoft Word and Excel

Professional Experience

Content Creation/ Editing                                                                                                                           1992 – present

Advises and provides services to numerous clients with a unique blend of creative and detail-oriented skills. Improves all forms of communication through editorial oversight, project management.

Content creation and editing. Among successes:             

  • Translated web content for German Legal firm
  • Conducts interviews and writes reports on Yale University applicants.
  • Eliminated discrepancies from a Dutch translation of a U.S. cardiology textbook that improved its usefulness as a training reference. Completed extremely accurate revision in a short time that resulted in author seeking a more accurate printing. Rapid Interpretation of EKG by Dale Dubin.
  • Wrote promotional articles and facilitated the production of an explanatory booklet for the grand opening of the new ITC building. ITC Institute, The Netherlands
  • Demonstrated flexibility and the ability to keep up with changing demands and re-prioritizing.
  • Proofread medical and scientific articles. Produced materials for defined readerships with high expectations and precise information needs. ITC Institute, The Netherlands
  • Edited Master’s theses for students of Technical University of Twente, The Netherlands.
  • Edited and translated administrative documents such as employment manuals.
  • Composed inter-office memos and client correspondence. CAA Agency, Los Angeles, CA


Visual Artist and Project Management                                                                                              1996 – present

Successful creative artist, with expertise in advising, and providing services to numerous clients with a unique blend of creative and detail-oriented skills. Oversees artistic /design projects.

Visual arts, photography and design. Among successes:              

  • Photographs published in Bartlesby Snopes literary magazine.
  • Sold art works of stained glass and mosaic in commercial venue.
  • Maintain photography blog.
  • Event photographer Beecher Lecture Series Yale Divinity School
  • Photographs used on regional political Facebook page.
  • Designed and oversaw installation of a bee-friendly xeriscape back yard adding value to property.
  • Coordinated and oversaw set design for large-scale high school musical.


Education and Advocacy                                                                                                                         1996 – present

Education professional with curriculum development and implementation experience.  Expertise in leading meetings, educating on a variety of subjects and has strong grasp of Special Education Law.

Education, Advocacy.  Among successes:

  • Adult Basic Ed teacher: Developed and implemented curriculum; evaluated student work and maintained confidential files on all students. Chesapeake College Continuing Ed. 2010-11
  • ESL instructor: Developed and implemented curriculum for 3 weekly groups. Responsible for all testing and state mandated paperwork, conflict management, and field trip organization for up to 75 participants. Talbot County Family Support Center/Head Start Program 2003-04
  • Reliable substitute teacher Talbot County Public Schools. 2003-2011
  • Attended I.E.P. and 504 meetings and gave presentations on Tourette’s. Provided succinct information to all attendees. Developed knowledge of Special Education, family and criminal law procedures and classifications. Talbot County Public Schools 2004-2013
  • Spoke as a freelance lecturer for continuing education institutions. Increased their grasp of effective writing and researching techniques. Lectured on a variety of topics.
  • Extensive knowledge of Special Education services and regulations, especially relating to Tourette Syndrome, anxiety, OCD, sensory integration disorder,  and ADHD.



Web Design and Graphic Design Certificate Fort Collins Digital Workshop: Adobe Creative Suite,  Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, HTML, CSS, InDesign, WordPress, and Fundamentals of Design with a focus on marketing, Social Media and SEO

Education Coursework Chesapeake College MD, Anne Arundel Community College: All required courses Maryland State teaching certificate including Literacy, Developmental and Adolescent Psychology, Special Education.  Special Education fieldwork

Master’s in Visual Arts Yale Divinity School: Visual Arts of Religion MA in Visual Arts of Religion;   Art History,  design of buildings and sacred spaces, manuscripts, sculpture, and  general European history.

Bachelor’s Degree University of Arizona: Major- Religious Studies , Minor- History

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