All about me

Over-educated and under-skilled is how I used to describe myself, but I’ve add quite a few tools to my belt and am ready to conquer the world!

I’m the youngest of seven children in an Irish Catholic family. We moved around the U.S. first in academia and then the oil business. My life has been one of moves, shifts, changes and challenges. I started on year living in London and finished it in Amarillo, Texas, another year started in Connecticut and ended in the Netherlands. I have lived an alternative life style and still do in many ways.

I have a BA from the University of Arizona in Religious Studies. I concentrated in Eastern Religion and minored in History. After  college I went to the UK and spent 6 months as a bar maid in Scotland. Oh the tales I could tell! While there I fell in love with Northern European religious art.  I returned to Tucson to decide what to do with my life. I chose Yale Divinity school for the Visual Arts of Religion. I took about half my classes at the Div school and the other half at the Yale Art History department. A week after I graduated I moved to the Netherlands and planned on pursuing a second Masters degree in either Museum Curatorship or Art Conservation. The lack of a reciprocal education treaty stifled those attempts but I did become fluent in Dutch and so worked at an editor and translator for ITC, an international science institute.
Then I became a mother and any mother (or father) can tell you that parenthood is the most rewarding and the hardest thing to devote your life to and devote my life to it I did. I’ve been a stay-at-home mother for the better part of 16 years, working part time jobs in education and editing. Now divorced I find myself in need of a real job with real benefits! I’m returning to my roots of the Visual Arts but hoping to take the twist into Social Media marketing. My first re-branding project is a learning process but my client is very forgiving, it’s me!





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