I am a visual person, that’s how I remember things and that’s how I see the world. My love of Northern European art really blossomed when I was living in Edinburgh, Scotland after college. I felt so connected to the art around me. Sure, I spent hours at the brass rubbing center touching and working the images over, hours and hours walking around town and photographing gravestones and ancient building, but also hours sitting in front of John Singer Sargent’s ‘Lady Agnew of Lochnaw’ painting, hours. When I returned home and subsequently attended Yale Divinity School I chose to study the Visual Arts of Religion, not because I am particularly religious but because of the stories taht art shares with us. The stories behind the artefacts , buildings and manuscripts enchant me still. My own photography is an extension of this love of images. I love to take photos of nature, people and well, anything given the right angle and light but my favourites make me wonder what the story is behind the image. I’m currently obsessed with all things British. I’ve been reading books and listening to lectures on Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and now Plantagenet Britain. The colors and materials are so warm and earthy. They make me feel at home and give me a cozy, safe feeling, perhaps it is the Viking blood running through my veins ( and out into my red hair) but they make me feel more like me.

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